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urban arts

About Urban Arts

Our passion for food is matched equally with our passion for art. When dreaming on our concept of sharing amazing artisan food with our friends, we wondered, what else could we share? How could we leverage our venture to create an experience including our obsession with art?


We love viewing and experiencing art in all forms, and frequently we’ve stumbled upon amazing pieces that have inspired us and stolen our hearts. How could we bring this experience to Urban Eats? Then it hit us. We could put our friend’s art on the walls and we could find up-and-coming artists and help them all gain exposure in a whole new way.

Today, we offer each artist a three month exhibition, host an opening night event and promote them through all channels available, hoping to help show off their talent to the world. We will proudly host the opening gala to debut the exhibition of our newest artist. Each piece can be purchased, with 100% going directly to the artist.